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Get of out my way

Or I'm gonna shove

2/20/06 04:05 pm - skeebo0weenie


12/23/05 06:15 pm - skeebo0weenie - NEW GRRRL*


11/26/05 01:40 am - bloodyropes - application

name: heather
age: 16
instrument you play: drums
favorite bands: the black lips, electric deads, hole, jesus and the mary chain, nirvana, the raincoats, sick lipstick, siouxsie and the banshees, thee headcoatees, the vaselines, the velvet underground (thats a small portion of what i listen to)

11/15/05 10:59 pm - i_meant_as_is

So ladies, how's it been?
I've gotten arrested for possession of marijuana on bunk charges, so I'm currently stuck in the goddamned system.
Besides that, I've been making mix-cds of kickass girl bands like 7 Year Bitch, Babes in Toyland, and L7 to pass out amongst random peoples.

Have any of you noticed that all-girl bands declined dramatically since the early '90s?
What we have now is The Donnas, Sahara Hotnights, Sleater Kinney, and basically the entire lineup of KRS Records. Even Kittie has fallen out of favor.

There's a strange regression in the presence of mainstream female musicians in rock bands.
It makes me sad in my soul.

However, it must be hard to re-create a scene that happened on the cusp of the internet and mass media age.
Nowadays, everyone has a band, and in some ways, it's great.
But if you're trying to make a real mark on the MTV music scene, it's hard as hell to find a Joan Jett anymore.

All right, I'm sad now.
Comment, discuss, or don't.
We've all got shit to do and shit to write.

Love ya,
Ana (one wee mod)

11/8/05 04:15 pm - riles_ - APPLICATION!!!

I'm newCollapse )

8/9/05 03:47 am - nomen_mihi_est - 23+ CDs for sale 50-69 Cents Each.


Hi! I have great cond-new cond. cds from 50 cents to 69 cents. A lot of them. Check it out. Sonic Youth, Smashing Pumpkins, Led Zeppelin, Prince, Elvis, Hawthorne Heights, Blind Melon, Poe, The L Word's Leisha Hailey's band, "The Murmurs".

Pics for All* See list under the cut!
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7/28/05 09:30 pm - nomen_mihi_est - Veruca Salt Singles and David Bowie....AND PURPLE RAIN

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

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Email me nomen_mihi_est at yah0000000000000

7/26/05 11:20 pm - ziatha - application

1. Name: Aspen
2. Age: 15
3. Instrument(s) you play: i'm teaching myself to play bass and electric guitar
4. Favorite bands: sleater-kinney, le tigre, bikini kill, garbage, the gossip, the butchies, amy ray, eisley, rasputina
5. Who is the ultimate poseur?: i'd say people in "girl" bands who use themselves as sex objects while at the same time go around saying "girl power!" even though they have no idea what it means. hypocrits.

7/22/05 07:05 pm - spguitargrl85 - out of curiosity...

So just out of boredom/curiosity, any Kittie fans here? I used to think I didn't really like metal at all, but I heard some song by Kittie the other day so I went out and picked up "Paperdoll" (EP). *shrugs*

Also, I'm going back to campus in about five more weeks, and I really would like to start a band (preferably mostly women)... any tips? Much appreciated. :)

7/13/05 10:13 am - nomen_mihi_est - 24" by 36" Liz Phair Poster *NO TACK HOLES*

I'm selling this Huge Liz Phair Poster. It is 24 " by 36 " inches. Thats 2 by 3 feet, huge! It's so colorful and huge, I wish the photograph did it justice. I hear that all the time, bit this poster's amazing. You walk in the room and all you see is legs and guitar.

There are No Holes, rips, bendy marks, writing, or bent corners. This poster is completely Mint. It has a few marks on the back from where tape used to be, but like I said, no blemishes or bends or anything like that. I have to sell this because I am hard up. Someone please take this poster and enjoy. (and treat it right!)Shipping is only 2.50,and it comes in its own poster cylinder mailer/reusable.
BIGGER PICTURE GO HERE: http://www.livejournal.com/users/nomen_mihi_est/
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Email me at nomen_mihi_est@yahoo.com
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