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7/10/05 02:26 pm - i_meant_as_is

All right... the great debate...

Fender or Gibson?

has anyone heard the band Ex-Girl? if you get the chance, buy or download an album. they're J-Rock, and pretty fucking awesome.

7/9/05 12:44 pm - nomen_mihi_est

"Every time I see your face..."

Liz Phair Bootleg. Whoo Hoo!--- "PottyMouth Girl"
Excellent cond. $6 plus 1.50 shipping. International shipment ask for a quote. I don't have it sitting right next to me, but theres more that 20 tracks. Email me nomen_mihi_est@ yah o dot com. Gracias amigas and amigos.

I have feedback at ebay , laundromatic and makeupalley.

6/30/05 06:10 pm - shnuttermoofle

1. Name: Lauren
2. Age: 14
3. Instrument(s) you play: Drums, a little keyboard
4. Favorite bands: AFI, Bad Religion, The Distillers, Tiger Army, Nekromantix, Demented Are Go, Evanescence, Rancid, Crass, GBH, The Sex Pistols, The Ramones, The Clash, Stigma 13, The Chop Tops, Zeppelin, The Cramps, The Pixies, Fiona Apple, The Cranberries, The Cure, Social Distortion, Placebo, Jimi Hendrix, Oi Polloi, The Adicts, Agent Orange, Anti-Flag, Against Me!, Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Dead Kennedys, The Dresden Dolls, Horrorpops, The Meteors, Minor Threat, etc...
5. Who is the ultimate poseur?: This answer's predictable..Avril Lavigne, and Ashlee Simpson. At the Orange Bowl of whatever it was, Ashlee had a giant Anarchy sign on the front of her band's bass drum. Hooray for being mainstream!

the end

6/24/05 12:14 pm - in__plastic

1. Name: Molly
2. Age: 16
3. Instrument(s) you play: Guitar, keyboards, drums
4. Favorite bands: Buffalo Daughter, Cibo Matto, Shonen Knife, Depeche Mode, The Smiths, The Butchies, Bis, and Super Furry Animals
5. Who is the ultimate poseur?: It's pretty obvious..Avril.

6/22/05 11:29 pm - spguitargrl85 - Connecticut...?

Anyone here from Connecticut? More specifically up near the UConn Storrs campus? IM me at jellybeans197 (anyone really who just wants to talk)...

6/21/05 02:08 pm - i_meant_as_is

Would anyone else here just like to see Kat Bjelland rise triumphant from obscurity and publicly beat the shit out of Avril Lavigne? God, what a show that'd be. Right after Babes in Toyland played "Sweet 69" again...

One more thing... I have this serious, SERIOUS problem with female vocalists that just front for an all-male band. Usually, these "singers" do not contribute to the actual music or the composition of the songs. They MIGHT use a few lines from some kind of whiney, self-absorbed "poetry" as "lyrics," but usually it's just an excuse to draw an audience for the ensuing display of tits and ass.

It makes me frothingly angry.

...that's all.

oh yeah, and I wanted to re-post our banners in case anyone wants to promote and/or draw possible bandmates. PLEASE feel free to make your own and post them here, or anywhere else.

GrrrlGrunge BannersCollapse )

6/21/05 09:24 am - fucking_tart

i know half of us are in the same groups, but i'm gonna keep reposting...
anyone in Illinois? around the northwest sub. area?

6/20/05 02:17 pm - fucking_tart

i had one more posuer, hows about liz phair anyone? met a chicago photographer who shot her once, that bitch took 6 hours putting on make-up, demanded specifics for cranberry juice, and above all...allowed 30 minutes tops of shooting. i thought she was suppposed to be all indie and rock, or atleast was at one point in time. what in gods name has a crew of stylists and 6 hours of make up ever had to do with the basics of making music?

6/19/05 12:22 am - fucking_tart - app.

1. Name:sarah
2. Age:19
3. Instrument(s) you play:guitar/vocals
4. Favorite bands:the pretenders.sleater-kinney.L7.bikinni kill.pastsy cline.the muffs
5. Who is the ultimate poseur?: there's a local band out here called..o god, they're so awful i forget, consolation prize? their one female member is their vocalist, soley. not only does she suck, but her cheer-squad reject stage antics make me ill. she hasn't an ounce of "rock" or self respect in her. besides that fucking case, i'd have to agree with most everyone else on their cliche discontent with miss ahslee simpson and the infamous avril lavigne...and so on and so on.

6/17/05 04:11 pm - cuttin_edgegoth - Application


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